New Tradition-New Memories

In 1979 the UNH Ski Team started using the HOCH as its base for training camp.  In the beginning the alpine team stayed there alone. Then the nordic team joined so for about 11 years both squads were together.  The alpine team moved down near Attitash where they now stay (the house is called the BEAST).  The nordic team continued the tradition of the HOCH.

This winter the time we needed the HOCH did not fit into their calender so we found a new place. We will start (hopefully) a new tradition by staying at the ISAAC MERRILL HOUSE in North Conway. Check it out!

The Hoch has served us well but it is time to create new memories and stories.  I know some traditions will move come with us such as skits.  In the end new stories and memories will be created by the 2011-12 Nordic Team.

Many alumni have spent time at the Hoch.  A rough count includes

  • 225 alumni have experienced that Hoch
  • 1440 pounds of pasta was made
  • 720 gallons of milk
  • 1080 quarts of orange juice
  • one year of Cory’s life

If you want to share some of your memories please reply!