Nordic Tales of the Van: Williams Carnival

This past weekend found the nordies in Craftsbury VT for the Williams Carnival. Lack of snow down at Prospect Mtn. forced Williams to move the race farther north and also cancel one race, leaving just an individual 10km Classic event. However, we weren’t complaining, as conditions at Craftsbury were pretty stellar all around. The race course at Craftsbury was a welcome change from Trapp’s with some windy fast downhills and short but challenging hills spaced out on the 5k loop. In fact, I think the coaches were quite happy to stay at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center, which is literally two steps away from the race course and also boasts an amazing dining hall with tasty organic food. I mean, it may even top staying at the Eagle Mtn. House in Jackson, because we didn’t have to ski “all the way down a hill” to get to the course ;)

So anyways, having just one race this weekend meant double the points, double the stakes, and double the flirting (oh, wait…that’s not supposed to be in here). The women were first on Saturday, and battled through some tough conditions to finish 3rd as a team once again. It may have been slick out there, but all the ladies put their heads down and raced hard the whole way. Tristan “feisty” Ramey led the way in 12th, myself, Liz “Bo Derek” Guiney, broke my 10th place streak  with a 14th, Annika “wears the pants” Taylor was 21st, Elizabeth “everything’s great!” Izzo was 23rd, Danielle “jeggings“ Baron was 34th, and Kelsey “ GUYSSSS!! WAITTT!” Hoar was 45th.

Sam Reed '15 Led the charged for the wildcat men at the Williams Carnival

The men raced next, and got their kick and glide on despite quickly disintegrating tracks out on the course. Sam “crash and burn” Reed led the boys in 18th, Erik “slight caffeine addiction” Lindgren was close behind in 19th, and Per “snygg” Lindgren was the 3rd scorer (apparently that means “sexy” in Swedish, I don’t know). Next was Johnny “the mullet” Springer in 25th, Dan “steady eddy” Guiney in 30th, and Nick “everyday is Wu-tang Wednesday” Mancuso in 37th. No makeouts this week, bummer! After the race everyone got to cheer on some of our UNH eastern cup racers, who were doing the TD Bank Eastern Cup finals Saturday and Sunday, also in Craftsbury, and turned in some great results.

Overall, it was some pretty tough racing out there, but I think I can speak for everyone and say that we gave it our all; especially the coaches, who magically seemed to be cheering on every uphill and intersection! Today we enjoyed a nice sunny ski and “crazy dress up” day at Gunstock. Next weekend we’ll be off to Stowe VT again for the Middlebury Carnival and EISA championships. With NCAA spots on the line, and a score to settle with Midd (we’ve been trading off 3rd and 4thteam places all year) it’s bound to be an exciting weekend. Thanks to all the parents for cheering and bringing us great food, and thanks to the coaches for another fun race weekend!

The UNH Women skiing in style at Gunstock

Quotes from the weekend:

Kelsey (talking to her skis):    “Okay, klister. Let’s go play!”

Liz:    “So… do you think they’re going to groom for the race tomorrow?”

 Erik (is internet deprived in the NEK): “Oh Tristan, you have internet in your room? So do you think I could possibly stop by later?”

 Per:  “Niff niff niff niff niff niff” = the sounds that pigs make, in Sweden

-Liz Guiney ’13