The Rock Challenge

IMG_0154The Rock Challenge

As an 82′ ski alum I have continued to watch and support the UNH Ski Team. So far this year the team has placed 3rd twice and a 2nd is achievable. The team also had 2 individual wins and a discipline winner. The team is ready continue this climb in the last 3 carnivals as they head towards the NCAA’s

The Rock Challenge is to raise funds to help pay for these opportunities. While there are no rules for those established (some gray hair) lets pledge $100 for a team 3rd and $250 if they can pull off a second. Others any reasonable pledge like $25 for 3rd and $50 for 2nd or whatever you can pledge. We want to get everyone involved and excited to not only follow the team (live timing, etc), but reward them when they achieve such high levels of success. Be proud of what UNH Skiing is doing thanks to the athletes, coaches, and every one of you who have helped build and support this incredible movement.

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